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CHOICES! The ones you make and the ones you don’t, because when you fail to make a choice, you’ve made a choice. Hands down the best choice I’ve ever made was to respond to the love of Jesus Christ. There is no greater love than His, it’s eternal. And truth be told some of the other choices I have made in my life feel as if the consequences were a curse and I would have to answer for them for the rest of my life. I’ve made some good choices produced out of pressure and more foolish ones out of pure deception. Deceived regarding my self worth. Deceived about my strength. Deceived in my relationship and what what love truly is. The deception of the enemy, through life and it’s experiences, and our perception thereafter is real, and can be detrimental. Choices are made mostly based upon those experiences, perceptions, culture/environment, knowledge, or lack thereof. CHOICES, The Healing Heart of a Broken Mother is a piece of my story concerning all that.


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