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Yolanda Shinault,
CEO at All Access Yonkers, Inc, and founder of The L.L.E.G.O.O. House Project


I am Yolanda Shinault, the founder and CEO of All Access Yonkers, Inc., and a native of Yonkers NY, born and raised during a time when community centers and local organizations provided a safe haven and opportunity for young people to be mentored and developed. I was also a teen mother and know the importance of having activities and strong community leaders available for our youth to stay focused and the necessity of tribe support as a young mom. I currently provide child/family care, holistic counseling and mentorship to all women, but my deep passion is to help young mothers.

The L.L.E.G.O.O. House Project

Mission Statement:

The mission of The L.L.E.G.O.O House housing and development program is to provide a safe, nurturing, and love-filled environment where teen mothers and their children can thrive and not just survive. We aim to love, lift, and encourage girls over obstacles they face every day, with the goal of rebuilding the individual, reviving families, and restoring communities through the love of Christ and community partnership

my deep passion is to help young mothers.

L.L.E.G.O.O. History

The Birth of L.L.E.G.O.O

L.L.E.G.O.O was established in 2016 by Yolanda Shinault, also known as Pastor Loni, as a ministry at the Kingdom Christian Cultural Center. Its mission was to introduce young mothers to Christ and help them strengthen their faith. What started as a small initiative quickly evolved into a supportive and encouraging community. Today, we are thrilled to report that while many moms "stopped by," the seven dedicated members who remained are all gainfully employed and living independently.

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The L.L.E.G.O.O House

3-5 year housing and development program for homeless teen mothers 14-18 years old and their babies, in Yonkers.

#1- The Life Seed

Plant a seed to provide essential (food, hygiene, utensils, etc.) assistance to a young mother and her child by sowing a seed.


Here are three options for your contribution:


1- week $500 ___

1-month $2,000 ___

1- year $24,000 ___

#2- The Life Seed

Plant a Seed to Provide Housing for a Teen Mom and Her Baby:


Choose from our three options and contribute today:


1- month $1500 ___

1- year $ 18,000 ___

2- years $36,000 ___

Plant a seed to provide Comprehensive Support for Teen Moms


Choose from our three options and contribute today:


1-month $5,000 ___

1- year: $60,000 ___

2- years: $120,000 ___

Plant the seed of generosity with a one-time contribution of your choosing.


Every bit counts as a blessing!




6 months - 1.5 years

Project Goals and 3-5 year Program Timeline


I want to become a volunteer, SIGN ME UP!

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